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Labor Day, a history for today

America is approaching a traditional holiday in an untraditional way.  Labor Day, the last official “summer weekend,” is usually celebrated with parades, ballgames, shopping, and food. The recent and ongoing...
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Coaching Up: Video Interviews

Video interviews over Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebX, Microsoft Teams, and a host of other software tools have become the new normal for companies that are hiring talent. Since early April...

Cheers to 10 years!

We were very excited to celebrate Pinnacle Search Partner's 10 year anniversary at our socially distant mid-year meeting! We were able to look back at the first half of the...
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Coaching Up: LinkedIn Profiles

Work is finished for the day, home-improvement projects are completed, it’s time to turn to a self-improvement project – upgrading your LinkedIn profile. There are so many items on your...
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Pinnacle Search Partners announces Margaret Covell as the Leader of the Private Equity Practice

Atlanta, GA – Pinnacle Search Partners, LLC, a global executive search firm, is pleased to announce Margaret Covell will lead our Private Equity Practice. Margaret joined Pinnacle in January 2019,...
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Coaching Up: Phone Interviews

Well done! They’ve reviewed your resume, and they are interested in speaking to you on the phone! But how should you prepare? What can you do to stand out and...