Our team of seasoned recruiters is skilled at serving diverse, top-level industries across all areas of management in key functions. Our recruiters are well-versed in the nuances of each sector and have experience working within each industry.

We have strong executive search experience in the Private Equity, Business Services, Building Products & Services, Home Furnishings, Industrial, and Plastics & Chemicals sectors. We possess expertise in all of these sectors and are always adding new sectors to our repertoire.

With our extensive network within the industries and established candidate pool, Pinnacle has the expertise needed to find the DNA fit for your company. We understand the impact a leader can have on an organization and delve deep into the industry to build solid relationships with proven leaders.


Pinnacle Search Partners has extensive experience working with private equity firms and portfolio companies to find the right fit. We have a proven track record of recruiting hard-to-find, high-performing, portfolio company executives. Our recruiters’ unrivaled commitment to identifying and landing the most talented leaders for your portfolio companies will enable a lasting fit for your organization.


Pinnacle Search Partners understands the plastics/packaging, chemicals, and fibers space with expert recruiters in the industry. We leverage our 30+ years of recruiter experience in this niche industry by building solid relationships in the industry. We specialize in thermoplastic resins, including engineered resins, composites, and commodity resins as well as packaging solutions, chemicals, and fibers.


Pinnacle Search Partners is the premier executive search firm for the furniture and bedding industries. We have an extensive candidate pool in the industry and understand the nuances and specific expertise needed to be successful. We are confident that there is no other search firm in the US that can provide the level of knowledge and proven success in finding the right candidate for your home furnishings team.


Pinnacle Search Partners helps companies provide integral solutions to businesses by recruiting top talent. Spanning the age of our firm, Pinnacle has helped B2B companies find the right fit to help build successful client relationships worldwide. We leverage our years of building solid relationships in the B2B marketplace to establish lasting relationships and networks. We strive to help you feel the impact of the right match.


Pinnacle Search Partners has a niche specialty in the building products, building materials, and facilities services industries. Our team has extensive experience working with manufacturers and service providers in the building space. From mid-level management to the c-suite, we have worked with leaders in the building products and services industry in the search to locate key leadership talent and forge progress in the fast changing global environment.


Pinnacle Search Partners specializes in working with manufacturing and industrial companies. We can address your human capital needs with proven performers who have manufacturing and industrial proficiency in leadership roles across key competencies.  We understand the impact a proven leader can have on an organization, and delve into the manufacturing and industrial market to build strong lasting relationships with key players and emerging talent.