October Executive Recruitment Round-Up

October was an amazing month for Pinnacle Search Partners! Along with continuing to find good people good jobs, we officially hit 30,000 followers here on LinkedIn. Thank you for being a part of our continuously growing network of job seekers, executives, recruiters, and professionals. We will continue to serve our network with quality job postings, insider industry tips and knowledge, and engage audiences with thought-provoking polls. Read on to discover the best of what we post over the month and don’t forget to subscribe!

Polls and Results of the Month

What experience level of talent is most in demand for your business right now?

The talent demands of businesses ebb and flow, especially as we enter the 4th quarter of the year.

We asked what level of talent members of our network are in need of right now and the results are in!

Entry Level – 17%

Associate – 18%

Mid-Senior – 41%

Director/ Executive – 24%

Wow! We continue to see a high demand for quality talent as we enter the 4th quarter.

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To Comma or Not to Comma.

We asked our network whether they use the Oxford Comma (the last comma in a list that goes before the word “and”) or comply with AP Style and leave it out.

Because this comma is optional in American English, it can lead to confusion about whether to use it or not, but the majority of our network voted FOR the Oxford Comma.

29% of voters said No to the Oxford Comma.

71% of voters said YES to the Oxford Comma.

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Tips and Tricks of the Month

6 Key Elements of an Effective Introductory Email

1.     Start with a compelling subject line

2.     Personalize your greeting to the industry of the receiver and the circumstances of your message

3.     People love to talk about themselves – make your first line about them

4.     Be clear and concise about why you are reaching out

5.     What’s in it for them? Be sure to provide value

6.     Sign off with a call-to-action that lets the receiver know exactly how you want them to proceed

What is a Micro Goal and Why Should You Set Them?

A micro-goal is a small step that will help you fulfill your main goal.

It’s all about slicing your goals into bite-sized, attainable chunks and allowing your big goal to feel less overwhelming.

Why are they important?

Micro-goals might be small, but they have a major impact on your brain. Accomplishing small goals releases dopamine in the brain, which will in turn encourage you to accomplish another small goal until your overall goal is reached.

How can you effectively set Micro-Goals to ensure your Macro-Goal is accomplished?

Once you have set your larger goal, make it a priority to accomplish 1-3 micro-goals every week.

Every morning, set your intentions by writing out a To-Do list in order of most important to least important tasks. Or, as Bill Creekmuir does, map out your calendar in detail by color-coding at the beginning of each week.

Ensure that your micro-goal gets accomplished by putting it in the top 5 of your To-Do list.

See? Once you’ve shifted your mindset, your big goal feels attainable and you feel accomplished more often.


Pinnacle Search Partners has reached over 30,000 followers on LinkedIn! Thank you to all of our clients, candidates, and connectors for your interest in our firm, our job postings, and our content. We look forward to continuing to grow our network as we share open roles, tips, and news about the firm.

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Quotes of the Month

“It ain’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi Berra

“The secret to my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs

“Good people are happy when something good happens to someone else.” – Dean Smith

“Preparation was where I always thought I could get an edge. I couldn’t out throw anybody, I certainly couldn’t out run anybody, but I could out-prepare others.” – Peyton Manning