July Executive Recruitment Round Up

Summer is coming to an end as we enter into August. Let’s look back at a great July with a recap of our top stories. Let us know in the comments what content you want to see from us in August!

Tips and Tricks

Tips for reaching your year-end goals

It’s that time of year! 2023 is officially halfway over, which means we’re halfway through our opportunities to reach our 2023 goals! Every year, countless people fall short of their business and individual goals. Below are tips that we have found for reaching your goals.

Tips for Reaching Your Year-End Goals

Following up after an interview

We often see great candidates slip through the cracks because of mistakes made after an interview. The effort you put into reaching out after an interview is almost as important as the effort you put forward during the interview. Below are tips we put together for following up after an interview. 

Following Up After an Interview

Poll results

We asked our followers the question – How proficient should you be, or how long do you work with a tool before including it on your resume? Over half of the respondents said, “Wait until highly proficient,” while others commented that once you understand the tool’s basic functionality, it can be added to your resume.


The bi-annual Pinnacle Search Partners in-person all-team meeting was held in July. We heard success stories from our practice leaders and 35 years of executive search wisdom from Plastics Search Practice Leader & Senior Executive Search Consultant Richard Petitti. Read more in the post below!

35 Years of Executive Search Wisdom