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Post-Interview Thank You Notes

Our Executive Search Consultants have walked candidates through hundreds of interviews – from resume writing to interviews to receiving the offer. One important part of the process that has the potential to set candidates apart is Thank You Notes.

Candidates might believe that these Notes are no longer expected or appreciated by a potential employer. In our experience, however, a stellar Thank You Note could raise one candidate to the top of the pack if a company is on the fence about them. On the other hand, if a candidate sends a poorly written Thank You Note, they may be eliminated from consideration.

So, how should you write a post-interview Thank You Note? Our consultants have brought together a short list of best practices that we encourage all of our candidates to follow:

  1. Use the Proper Address – Triple check the names of addressees and the company! There is nothing worse than addressing the wrong person or even using the wrong company name.
  2. Proofread Spelling and Grammar – How you communicate is important. If you consider yourself to be a detail-oriented professional, then please use business professional language and run spell-check and Grammarly on your note before sending it! Then, read the email out loud and proof again.
  3. Be to the Point – Short and sweet is appreciated. 
  4. Be Purposeful – Highlight why this career move is a good fit for both parties.  Reference the specific interview conversation, demonstrating that you were listening, engaged and interested.
  5. Be Personal – Tailor the Thank You Note to the client and to the person with whom you interviewed. If you interviewed with multiple people, write each of them a note.
  6. Proofread Again – Get a Second Opinion. Share the thank you note with your recruiter or a friend! Our Consultants have seen placements fall through based on poorly written thank you notes. Two pairs of eyes are better than one!

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Good luck job hunting!